BUILDING work for 150 homes in Thundersley is causing flooding in nearby streets.

The David Wilson Homes development, in Kiln Road, has enraged homeowners in Queensmere and Kingsmere after surface water from the site was allowed to run into the nearby woods – causing Prittle Brook to overflow.

An investigation by Castle Point’s environmental health team found the developer had not been given consent by Anglian Water to push water into the sewer which pumps into the brook.

Now tankers may have to be drafted in to remove the excess water.

Frank Copping, of Queensmere, has lived in the road for 13 years. He said someone needed to take responsibility.

Mr Copping, 77, said: “It is a really sorry state of affairs. I remember, as the development was being built, that at its worst the water came up to my back door, having already reached my garden. It needs to be addressed.

“The developer should have knocked on the door of the residents and then explained the situation, but nobody has bothered.

“It is so frustrating for all of us. My neighbour has had similar problems, but she is just ignored as well.

“The brook is close to overflowing regularly and I wonder if some sort of piping wouldn’t be more effective.”

In January, the environmental health team received a complaint alleging the Ashcroft Place development was causing flooding to a number of premises in the two roads.

Their investigations found that surface water from the site was being allowed to run off into the wooded area – adding to the already heavy rainfall in south Essex. David Wilson Homes has since built a wall alongside the woods to keep the water on site.

Environmental Health is continuing to monitor it.

County councillor Ray Howard, who is also cabinet member for floods and water management, said the issue was being dealt with.

He said: “Any extra water above and beyond what falls from the skies is unacceptable.

Any contaminated water should be collected by a tanker and taken away and it should certainly not be affecting residents.”

A council spokesman said: “The council is keen to work with David Wilson homes and other landowners to resolve this issue.”