PATIENTS and relatives have been given better facilities to receive hospital support or complain about care at Basildon Hospital.

The hospital’s Patient Advice Liaison Service has moved to a bigger room in a more accessible location to make it easier for patients and relatives to ask questions and receive information.

The new office is now near the multifaith prayer room, restaurant and bereavement services a few steps away from reception.

It includes a side room with comfortable seating, where visitors can talk in complete privacy with a member of the Pals team. Rachel Webster, senior nurse for Pals, said: “We always want to hear about anything that could help us improve the care of our patients.

“There may be something that we can do straight away to answer a concern. If we can’t solve a problem immediately, we can support and advise people about the next steps to take.”

The Pals office is open from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

During unavoidable occasions when the team is visiting patients on wards, visitors are asked to wait if they can, or call 01268 394440, or e-mail pals@