HUNDREDS of people have signed a petition for a zebra crossing to be set up in memory of a tragic pensioner.

Greta Mara, 83, died after being struck by a Ford Focus car in Mitchells Avenue, Canvey, on February 15.

Mrs Mara’s neighbour and friend, Mary Slater, 75, of Gains Close, Canvey, launched the petition for a crossing in Mitchells Avenue.

So far, Mrs Slater has gathered more than 200 signatures from neighbours and other islanders.

She said: “Greta and I spent a lot of time together. She was a lovely, friendly woman. I decided to start the petition because that road is really dangerous and needs a crossing.”

Mrs Slater started a paper petition with the help of her grand-daughter and members of the Salvation Army in Mitchells Avenue. Salvation Army Minister, Susanna Offor, said: “Mary started the petition, but we held it here for a while to help get signatures.”

Mrs Slater hopes the petition will help persuade Essex County Council to place a crossing in the road. She said: : “Something needs to be done. It is a dangerous road and I do hope someone will put a crossing there.”

The petition was presented to councillors Dave Blackwell and Ray Howard. It will continue online Mr Howard, chairman of the local Highways Panel, said: “I have discussed this with county council officers and an analysis of the road has been carried out.

“I understand it is a busy road. Safety is paramount and I hope to help residents in bringing their plans to fruition.”