FLOOD-HIT residents are demanding action to repair potholes which have been uncovered since the water receded.

People living in Concord Road, Canvey, are calling for the road to be resurfaced – saying the tarmac has been destroyed leaving them with just concrete to drive on.

Last year, the residents called it the worst road on the island for potholes, but say the downpours nearly two weeks ago washed a lot of remaining road surface down the already struggling drains.

The island suffered badly as a month’s rain fell in the space of just a few hours, causing flooding, affecting many roads on Canvey.

Dave Oddy, who is spearheading the campaign for the road to be resurfaced, said: “At 6pm the water in Concord Road was 20cm and at 10pm, it had only gone down by 3cm. It had broke all the tarmac up and eventually it will go down the drains.

“If you look at the amount missing, you can only assume it has all gone down the drains.

“What I would like is all the drains cleared and the road surface relayed as there is not much left.”

Essex County Council, which looks after the island’s roads, has named roads where £17million funding will be spent to fix crumbling surfaces.

The Government is giving Essex £4.4million towards repairs to 700 roads countywide in the coming months.

However, the County Hall list does not include Concord Road.

An Essex Highways spokesman said: “We have inspected this site previously, however, on these occasions any defects did not meet the criteria for remedial action.

“We will of course continue to monitor the situation and, in light of the recent heavy rainfall, will endeavour to inspect the site again soon.”