ESSEX Police and county council are hailing their online domestic abuse campaign an “overwhelming success.”

Launched on June 9, the two-month campaign sought to heighten the public’s awareness of domestic abuse, aiming to breaks its status as a taboo subject.

Page views of the campaign’s web page over the following two months totalled 10,891 – a 2,048 per cent increase from the previous two months’ 507.

It is also estimated some 1,000 photographs were uploaded onto social media from members of the public, charities, MPs, Euro MPs and celebrities, supporting the #tweetyourfeet #notodomesticabuse campaign.

The campaign has also inspired victims of domestic abuse to come forward and seek help.

One said: “I am aware of the current domestic abuse campaign and seeing how seriously the issue is being taken and the effort to spread the awareness was what inspired me to come forward and ask for help.”

Others have shared their experiences on Facebook and Twitter and another has written a blog.

Essex County Council’s children and families spokesman Councillor Dick Madden said: “The figures are outstanding, I am truly pleased and overwhelmed that not only have we reached so many people, but that survivors and victims have felt empowered to come forward for support because of the campaign.”

Chief Constable Stephen Kavanagh added: “The reaction from the people of Essex and beyond has been fantastic.

“Survivors have told us that because of this campaign they have found the courage to leave abusive relationships.

“This has been the biggest campaign of this kind in Essex and I am delighted that it has been such a success, however we are not complacent and will continue to do all we can to raise awareness of domestic abuse and help those in abusive relationships.”

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