VAMPIRES have taken over south Essex...but residents don’t need to get out the garlic.

Camera crews have set up at Basildon’s Holiday Inn to film Night of the Vampire.

The movie has already taken over Billericay’s Shepherd and Dog pub, in London Road, before moving in to one of the rooms at the Holiday Inn.

The movie is the brainchild of actor Ryan Parker, 23, who has written and is directing the short film.

He said: “I grew up in Basildon and know the area really well, so when it came to deciding where to film, I already had some great locations in mind.

“It’s my first time writing, directing and producing.

“The film is about a vampire who for the last 2,000 years has just been seducing women and killing everybody he sees.

“I wanted to make a vampire film like they were before Hollywood got their hands on them and made them sparkle.

“I’m only 23, but when I was younger they were demons and monsters, not superheroes.”

“I wanted to take them back to that time, which this film does.”

As well as filming at Festival Leisure Park and the Billericay pub, the crew also took over an Orsett pub for a day.

Ryan said: “Everyone has been really good about giving us the time.

“Most people are quite excited to have us filming with them, so it’s been really great.”

Ryan has been an actor for three years and has a number of up-and-coming TV projects he is starring in.

But he is remaining tight-lipped over which ones.

Ryan added: “I’ve had to sign contracts, so I’m not allowed to say anything at the moment.”

Night of the Vampire will be released