A NURSE faces being struck off if a raft of allegations are found to be true, including that she fell asleep during a meeting with a terminally- ill patient’s relatives and recorded a patient as sleeping when they had died.

Abosede Sanusi was a band 5 adult nurse at Southend Hospital, when she allegedlymade a string of mistakes in recording information and treating patients.

She is due to face a hearing in front of the Nursing and Midwifery Council next month, who will consider whether she is still fit to practise.

The claims amount to 15 mistakes made in a three-month period between February 13, 2012, and May 18, 2012.

On May 11, 2012, Sanusi was discussing the care of a terminally-ill patient, known as Patient B, with their relatives and allegedly fell asleep on one or more occasions.

On the same day she recorded Patient C was sleeping on two occasions when they had actually died it is claimed. She allegedly crossed out entries written at 1pm and 2pm and instead wrote RIP next to 1pm. The NMC claims it was dishonest and she was also inappropriate by raising her voice in front of patients, visitors and staff when discussing the death.

Other charges allege she tried to administer oral medication to a diabetic patient who was nil-by-mouth, didn’t record all health problems of another patient, and failed a medication assessment on two occasions.

When handing over the case of a patient, Sanusi allegedly said they were ready to be discharged when it wasn’t the case. Another patient, known as Patient A, needed help from two nurses to get up, but Sanusi allegedly wrote that the patient needed two walking sticks.

Sanusi has since left Southend Hospital, although a spokesman at the hospital wouldn’t confirm if she was sacked or had resigned.

The spokesman added: “All we can confirm is that the nurse is no longer employed by the trust and that we are unable to comment further prior to the hearing.”