YOU cannot put an age on beauty, style and grace as model grandmother Betty Haste is proving.

Betty has been enjoying a new found career as a fashion model at the age of 62.

The mother of three and grandmother of nine, has been modelling for clothing brand isme since September last year.

Betty, a size 12-14 and five foot five inches tall, was chosen to represent the dynamic and attractive 60 plus generation.

So far she has modelled for three of isme’s campaigns including the summer collection, the Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics, and has others lined up for Autumn and Christmas.

Betty, who lives in Corringham, says: “I never thought in my life that I would become a model so it was a bit of a shock that it happened when I was in my sixties!

“I find it strange to think of myself as a model - I just think it is lovely to be able to represent women my age and show fashion is still for us!”

The retired nursery nurse was one of six women chosen for Isme’s model competition.

Over the years Betty has seen a lot of upset and heartache when ten years ago she lost her mother and eight months later her husband Dave age of 52. Her father also passed away three years ago and Betty then made the difficult decision to move out of her London home to be near to her three daughters and grandchildren in Corringham.

“It has been hard to adjust to life but I am so lucky to have three wonderful and supportive daughters, and almost enough grandchildren to start a football team!

“Seven grandsons and two granddaughters who’s ages range from Joe who is 20 years old, down to the two youngest 19 month old Frankie and 15 month old Lola. My family are extremely proud of my isme adventure, I think they like having a model as a mum.”

Since modelling Betty has had a whole new insight into the world of fashion.

Betty says: “It is fantastic to be able to speak to the stylist on the shoot about what colours and styles suit me.

“I have discovered more about my personal style than in my whole life. In my forties I would just play it safe and try to blend into the background but now I like to stand out.”

Betty believes women in their sixties can be bright and bold while still being stylish.

She says: “A lot of older women think they can’t away with certain clothes but you can!

“I love to wear bright colours now, like purple and white and I know with Isme the clothes are made to look stylish and unique.”

Now she is in the spotlight Betty likes to take time to keep herself looking good.

She says: “I’m still very busy running after my grandchildren and walking my son’s dog so that keeps me active and healthy. Also, I even the odd facial now. My daughter treated me to one and I loved it so every now and then I’ll treat myself to one.”