TELEVISION presenter and farmer Jimmy Doherty’s latest culinary venture might just be food heaven for a high percentage of people.

The self-confessed foodie, who owns and runs Jimmy’s farm near Ipswich, has designed a six-course tasting menu in a bid to spread the word about the natural ingredients found in beer.

The Essex-born farmer, a childhood friend of celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, has teamed up with a leading brewer to launch the special restaurant experience they describe as “immersive”.

The Barley Beerstro has already been successfully launched in London, attended by a host of celebrities including Great British Bake-off finalist Kimberley Wilson.

Jimmy says he hopes to particularly raise the profile of barley and its use in cooking - and the launch was, fittingly, held in a barley field created using real barley and technology in London’s Barbican Conservatory.

It is now moving further afield to Jimmy’s Farm, just a half hour journey outside Colchester and a popular visitor attraction for families across Essex and Suffolk.

Jimmy, whose television shows have included Jamie & Jimmy’s Food Fight Club on Channel 4, says his passion for natural, local and healthy ingredients means he wants to spread the word about barley which he explains is not only a key ingredient in beer but is also a superfood providing a natural source of energy, nutrients and vitamins.

As a result it plays a starring role in the six course menu which pairs food with beer.

He says: “The menu has been meticulously designed to weave barley and beer into a diverse selection of delicious dishes, such as an exquisite cured salmon and a mouth-watering vanilla yoghurt panacotta..”

Each of his dishes have been inspired by the beers brewed by AB InBev, selected by beer sommelier Jane Peyton, including Stella Artois, Boddingtons, Leffe Brune, Goose Island IPA, Spaten Helles and Budweiser.

The dishes include a Stella Artois cured salmon with picked cucumber, horseradish cream and Stella Artois barley crispbreads, a soft yolk vegetarian Scotch egg with Boddingtons tomato chilli chutney and a Budweiser barley summer vegetable risotto.

Beer even makes into the dessert with a toasted barley ice cream with Leffe Brune salted caramel sauce, maple syrup glazed pancetta and barley crumble alongside the panacotta with Goose Island IPA strawberry soup and barley flapjack.

Jimmy says: “As a farmer, I’m passionate about ingredients and ensuring that people are educated about what is in their food and drink.

“The Barley Beerstro is a great platform to showcase the beauty and natural flavour profile of barley and its versatility as a super grain that has been grown in our backyard for centuries.

“My barley inspired recipes are all about encouraging consumers to explore new natural ingredients in their cooking and to showcase the versatility of beer in terms of its flavours and even its use in cooking.

“As a big beer fan I want people to start taking beer more seriously by thinking about which beers complement which food and understanding what they are drinking by knowing the key ingredients that go into it. ”

Food and beer fans will get the chance to sample his efforts when the Barley Beerstro arrives at Jimmy’s Farm on Monday August 8.

Entry is free, but it is for strictly over 18s only and identification will be asked for and places, which are limited, must be booked by e-mailing