COMEDIAN Laurence Clark is often called inspirational by others.

It’s not a word he is particularly comfortable with.

He says: “Whether it’s for being married, doing stand-up or having kids, it just seems like people thought I’d never amount to much, “I love to inspire people with my standup comedy, but don’t call me inspirational for just getting on with my life.”

Laurence is an internationally-acclaimed comedian, presenter, writer and actor, who just happens to have cerebral palsy.

He has six critically-acclaimed solo shows at the Edinburgh Fringe under his belt.

Before he got into the entertainment business, he was doing a PhD. But he was depressed and the turning point came when he decided to do what pleased him, which was comedy.

He says: “At first I did it as a hobby and it grew from there.”

In 2012, Laurence featured in a BBC documentary, We Won’t Drop the Baby, which featured the comic and his wife, Adele, who also has cerebral palsy.

When they had a baby boy, Tom, they were criticised by doctors for being irresponsible as Laurence is wheelchair-bound and Adele is heavily dependent on her crutches.

Laurence’s latest hit show is called Moments of Instant Regret, where he attempts to justify the various despicable deeds he has done in his life, such as biting a policeman.

The show takes place at Colchester Arts Centre, Church Street, Colchester, on June 20, as part of Colchester Comedy Festival which runs from June 19 to 29. Doors open 7.30pm and the show starts 8pm. Tickets £12 and £10 for concessions. 01206 500900.