MPs: Bernard Jenkin MP; Patrick O'Flynn MEP;

Harwich and North Essex (House of Commons)

Hon Bernard Jenkin MP (Conservative)

Surgery: Unit C2
East Gores Farm
Salmons Lane

Surgery Tel: 020 7219 0253

MP Since - 1992 Majority - 11,447 Born - 09/04/1959. Married (2 sons).
Education - Highgate School, William Ellis School, Corpus Christi College, Cambridge (Hons. Degree English Literature), President of the Union Society, Cambridge University (1982).
Previous Occupation - Manager, Ford Motor Co. Ltd and 3i plc, Legal & General Ventures Ltd (1989-92), Adviser, Legal & General Group (1992-95).
Personal Overview - Likely to be a fairly Thatcherite Conservative member, his voting record on the Maastricht Treaty indicates Euro-Scepticism. He is however, more likely to be fairly liberal on social issues. After spending the 1992-97 Parliament on the Backbenches, he was given an opportunity to make his mark as an Opposition Spokesman, achieving a quick promotion to Shadow Cabinet level. A leading member of the Duncan Smith leadership campaign team, after 'his man' became leader, he gained Iain Duncan Smith's former shadow role at Defence. He made some headway against Labour on defence matters and was generally considered as one of the better performers amongst the Shadow Cabinet. The replacement of his political ally Iain Duncan Smith as party leader by Michael Howard was at least a temporary setback to his attaining a top party role. His initial posting as a Conservative Party Deputy Chairman under the David Cameron leadership was not immediately promising for his career prospects. He was removed from his post in the November 2006 reshuffle, after having been responsible for developing the controversial A-List of Conservative candidates, which had aimed to increase the selection of female and ethnic minority candidates in winnable constituencies. In October 2009 he was ordered to repay some of the expenses that he had claimed by the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards. This was one of the highest repayment totals for any MP (a total of £63,250). This did not however hinder him from becoming a Select Committee Chair early in the 2010 parliament.
Political History - Political Adviser to the Rt. Hon. Sir Leon Brittan QC MP (1986-88), Contested Glasgow Central (1987), Member for Colchester North (1992-97), PPS to the Rt. Hon. Michael Forsyth MP, as Secretary of State for Scotland (1995-97), Member for Essex North (1997-2010), for Harwich and North Essex (2010-). Opposition Spokesman, Constitutional Affairs, Scotland & Wales (1997-98), Department of Environment, Transport & the Regions (Transport) (1998), Shadow Minister for Transport (1998-2001). Shadow Secretary of State for Defence (2001-03), Shadow Secretary of State for the Regions (2003-05). Shadow Minister for Energy (2005). Conservative Party Deputy Chairman (Candidates) (2005-06). Member of the Defence Select Committee (2006-10). Chairman of the Public Administration Select Committee (2010-). Member of the Liaison Select Committee (2010-).
Characteristics - Maturing into one of the most capable Conservative politicians, blessed with both sound political judgment and good media skills.

Business Tel: 020 7219 4029


Interests: Environment,Agriculture,European Issues,Defence,General Trade & Industry,Housing,Foreign Affairs,General Economy,Education & Training,Private / Public Ownership,Local Government

Commitee membership
  • Public Administration Committee (Chairman)
  • Liaison Committee (Member)
  • Angling Group (Member)
  • Autism Group (Member)
  • Choir Group (the Parliament Choir) (Vice Chairman)
  • Classical Music Group (Member)
  • a European Union Referendum Group (Member)
  • Extractive Industry Group (Member)
  • Gurkha Welfare Group (Member)
  • Homeland Security Group (Chairman)
  • Infrastructure Group (Member)
  • Multiple Sclerosis Group (Member)
  • Nuclear Energy Group (Member)
  • British Offshore Oil and Gas Industry Group (Member)
  • Opera Group (Member)
  • Parliament First Group (Member)
  • Performers' Alliance Group (Member)
  • Sex Equality Group (Chairman)
  • United Kingdom Group (Vice Chairman)
  • Water and Sanitation in the Third World Group (Member)
  • Britain-Bermuda Group (Member)
  • Indo-British Group (Member)
  • British-Japanese Group (Member)
  • Kenya Group (Member)
  • Malaysia Group (Member)
  • British-Namibia Group (Member)
  • British-Syria Group (Member)
  • Uganda Group (Member)


Eastern (European Parliament)

Mr Patrick O'Flynn MEP (UKIP)

MEP Since - 2014. Born - 19.
Education - School in Cambridge. Cambridge University (Economics). King's College, London.
Previous Occupation - Worked on the Political Desk of the Daily Express (1996). Former Political Editor, Daily Express. Chief Political Commentator, Daily Express (2005-14). UKIP Director of Communications (2014-).

Personal Overview - Entered the European Parliament from first place on the UKIP list at the 2014 elections. Originally from Cambridge, with an 18 year career background working in the Newspaper industry. He has made the move from commenting on the state of the political landscape to actually taking part in politics itself. While at the Daily Express he was involved in taking the Papers' editorial policy to a position of withdrawal from the European Union. He was also one of the first to coin the phrase 'squeezed middle' in British politics, which has since been used by politicians from all sides. He became the UKIP Director of Communications shortly before the European elections in the February of 2014. This was seen as somewhat of a coup for UKIP and bringing with it a great deal of media experience to a party which had previously been seen to sometimes lack a coherent communications strategy, particularly when individual representatives such as Godfrey Bloom went 'off message'. With his media honed skill for identifying resonant issues some commentators have even tipped him as a future party leader.

Political History - MEP Eastern Region (2014-). Member of the Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs (2014-).

Other Information - N/a.
Intergroups - N/a.

Business Tel: +32(0)2 28 45337


Interests: Media,Newspaper Industry

Commitee membership
  • Economic & Monetary Affairs (Member)


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