THIS Sunday sees super historian Dr David Starkey give a fascinating talk on the Magna Carta.

Known for his forthright views, the UK’s leading constitutional historian, will talk about the 13th century agreement that limited for the first time the power of the monarch by stating the basic rights, privileges, and liberties of leading citizens and clergy.

There are few more stimulating thinkers, and few who understand better the way the most powerful have thought throughout our history. David assessment of the situation then, and how our constitution stands today exactly 800 years later, promises to "amaze and challenge you".

A Cambridge educated grammar school boy who became a respected LSE lecturer, a uniquely abrasive debater on Radio 4’s Moral Maze, and the creator and presenter of many very popular historical TV series on such subjects as Henry VIII , Elizabeth 1st, the Monarchy, the Churchills, and Music and Monarchy. Dr Starkey is an inspirational speaker.

His sometimes acerbic tongue – such as accusing Princess Anne of looking like a horse and calling the Scottish education minister an “intellectual pygmy” over plans to scrap school history lessons – have brought him notoriety, including the nickname “Dr Rude”.

The doctor came to Southend in May 2014, when he visited the Forum to give a talk on the Tudors.

Although that was his first trip to Southend, it wasn't his first visit to the south Essex area.

He told the Echo: “I used to come down to Benfleet each week to teach when I was a young postgraduate student at the London School of Economics.

“I was just starting out back then and part of my work was to come down to teach an extramural class in history at the Workers’ Educational Association, in Benfleet.

“This was in the early Seventies, but I remember having to get the train. It always seemed like a long journey. Still, I’ve never forgotten it. It was one of the starting points of my career."

Tickets to see Dr David Starkey at the Palace Theatre, London Road, this Sunday, are £14.50 and £17.50.

Visit to book.