WITH millions of families having just got back from the first big break of the year, it’s a certainty that plenty of people will have been embroiled in some form of hoilday chaos.

So this week, we take a look at your rights if things have gone wrong with your travel plans.

And remember, if it goes wrong for you, don’t get mad – get redress by raising your issue via www.resolver.co.uk.

So, here’s our guide on how to complain.

Train delays

When you take a train, you purchase a ticket under the National Rail Conditions of Carriage and these are referenced on the ticket.

One hour is key! If your train is more than an hour late then you are definitely entitled to compensation.

As a minimum you are entitled to a refund of 20 per cent of your single ticket and 10 per cent of your return ticket.

However, you can find the compensation can actually be as high as 50 per cent for more than a 30-minute delay.

Flight delays

If the flight is less than 1,500km and the flight is more than three hours late, then you can claim €250 (around £200).

If the flight is between 1,500 and 3,000Km and the flight is more than three hours late, then you can claim €400 (around £315).

If the flight is more than 3,000km and leaving the EU, or is a EU airline flying into the UK and is between three and four hours late, then you could get back €300 (around £240).

Hotels – your rights

We have noticed that when rooms at highly rated hotels are booked though discount room sites, the hotel is actually filling up their cheapest and worst rooms.

So you could find the room does not match your expectations, despite the great reviews.

If you purchased the hotel accommodation directly and you find it to be substandard, you should report the issue immediately.

We would recommend that you report the issue to the duty manager.

If they cannot move you to another room or are unable or unwilling to resolve the issue, be sure to make a formal complaint.