I HAVE spent the week immersing myself in the murky goings-on of the mega wealthy in the South of France.

If the glossy, and irritatingly addictive, new Atlantic series Riviera is anything to go by, there are certain rules one must live by when living a super rich lifestyle.

The first one is you change your clothes at least five times a day.

Said clothes are often quite simple, with no patterns on, but never crease and probably cost what you or I earn in an average month.

You do not wear clothes suitable to whichever activity you are doing - for example, if you go for a walk in your palatial grounds, you would not change out of your Christian Louboutins. Oh no.

The next rule - is you never eat but you do frequently glug down copious amounts of champagne.

You also rarely sleep and you most certainly do not actually do any work - you just talk about the money you are making whenever anyone stands still long enough to listen.

But while Riviera is probably not very realistic, it is deliciously entertaining.

Even when I have no clue what on earth is going on, I can still have a look at all the pretty clothes Julia Stiles, who play central character Georgina Clios, gets to swan about in.

She spends most of the time looking perplexed.

And well she should since she is having to cope with her husband being killed and then discovering their marriage may have been a big sham.

She also has his spoilt ex-wife and three terrible grown-up children to deal with.

All without breaking a nail or putting a heavily highlighted hair out of place.

I just don’t know how she does it, but it is so much fun watching her.

It is one of the first shows in a long while to remind me of those hazy ‘80s and ‘90s days when lives of the Ewing, Carrington and Colby families held us in their thrall.

With the storylines becoming more and more laughable, viewers just held on for the ride.

This show makes Dallas and Dynasty look like Blue Peter though, but at the heart of it is a story about greed, lust and really good quality clothing.

With a lot of chat about art thrown in for good measure.

I really hope it gets a second series. I really want to see if Julia Stiles can manage a smile at some point.