SO it has finally arrived.

After what seems like an eternity of chat and trailers and discussion, the seventh series of a Game of Thrones has at last begun on Sky Atlantic.

And I am challenged with the task of trying to be quiet for just over an hour a week while it is on.

I managed pretty well this week apart from a contentious issue with a packet of ginger nut biscuits half way through.

Turns out it is really hard to eat biscuits quietly, even after you have got them out of the packet.

Suitably admonished, I then managed to watch most of it - well I got to the bit where Ed Sheeran appeared around a camp fire with the kid from This is England.

I don’t think that is giving out any plot spoilers for anyone who hasn’t yet watched it and since I know quite a few people who actually got up in the small hours to watch it as it was screened in America, there are probably few interested parties who are yet to watch it.

My problem is I missed out a chunk of episodes in the series before last so while I can keep a hold on most of it, sometimes my knowledge wavers.

And it is so labyrinthine in plot and character you really need to be one of these people willing to cut into a night’s sleep in order to watch it, to get the very most out of it.

I have learned along the way, with the kind tutorials of my husband who has watched every single episode, that it is very annoying to have to explain what is happening all the time.

Also annoying is commenting on how old everyone is looking and pointing out an actress who comes from Essex.

Having said all that, I do quite like GoT.

There is nothing else like it on television in scale and production - they literally throw everything at it and everyone loves it.

Even when I haven’t got a clue what’s going on it is still better than half the dramas served up on all the other channels put together.

I keep up with it so I at least can understand what people are going on about when they start discussing iron thrones, Daenerys and her trio of dragons and whether or not winter is coming, has arrived or is on its way out.

Jon Snow might know nothing, that’s another reference there, but I at least know enough to survive a dinner party or “water cooler” conversation.

And if you have satellite television, or any other streaming channel for that matter and about 100 spare hours in the summer you could set yourself a little project and binge watch it all.

Or you could, of course, go outside and have a life.