THIS week I have been watching a lot of very serious drama.

Some of it is so serious you almost want to have a little giggle.

Doctor Foster is a prime example of this - there is no doubt it is riveting and very well done.

But it is also a bit silly - and this second instalment seems to have headed away from tragedy and more towards Fatal Attraction territory.

The sight of Suranne Jones, apologies, potential plot spoiler here if you have not had the chance to start watching it, dissolving her wedding ring in acid after her dastardly ex-husband had successfully turned her son against her, was like an episode of Dynasty.

She strode into the house with such purpose I can only think we were supposed to imagine she was going to get a weapon.

I do understand the significance of the gesture but it was all just a bit over the top.

Everything about this is just a bit over the top - and completely turns a blind eye to any social proprieties or rules.

Dr Gemma thought nothing of dating one of her patients and she also thought nothing of heading straight to her ex-husband's house and having a stroll around, uninvited.

To be fair he had obviously expected her to do this and just took it as an opportunity to mentally abuse her.

This time around the husband, played by Bertie Carvel, is so horrible he would twiddle menacingly with his moustache if he had one, and stopped short of letting rip with a sinister laugh as he drove their son away from his mother.

I had to fast forward it a couple of times because it was so excruciating.

Almost as excruciating as watching the Great British Bake-Off can be - the stress levels are just ridiculous.

My daughter suggested I might put myself forward for it because I am 'good at making cakes.'

This means they are edible - there is absolutely no way I could possibly compete in that tent.

Not least because I would probably be sent home after the first week for pushing Paul Hollywood's face in the cake I had just presented to him and which he has just resoundingly criticised.

I marvel at the way in which contestants simply sigh, throw a disastrous attempt in the bin and start again, despite having a strict time limit to stick to.

I would go ballistic, they would hear me wailing in the next county.

No, I am strictly a cook who can just about follow a recipe, not an instinctive baker who knows what goes with lemongrass and that squid ink tastes delicious in bread.

Before this week's Bake-off, I had no idea you could even eat squid ink.

Educational and entertaining - that show is a gift that just keeps on giving.