IT was more a case of wed-rock than wedlock when a Canvey couple opted for a thoroughly mod-ern marriage bash.

When Tina and Richard Booth decided to renew their vows to mark their silver wedding anniversary, they wanted it to be a very different occasion compared to their big day in 1987.

As lovestruck teenagers the couple, of Eton Close, Canvey, were both dedicated Mods in the Eighties - as followers of fashion and soul music the famous 60s gang were rival to the Rockers, with their clashes immortalised in the iconic film Quadrophenia, which the happy pair are big fans of along with Eighties rockers The Jam and Madness.

Richard, 46, still follows the trends the group became famous for now, wearing Ben Sherman clothing and slim-fitting suits, so Tina, 47, thought because it was “all about her” the first time round, she wanted their special day yesterday (DEC16) to be his day.

She said: “He has helped me through so much, I’ve had lots of health issues and operations and he’s just been fantastic.

“Everything had a 60s theme and everyone said they were going to join in, all the men like getting suited and booted.

“Because it was our silver wedding we just felt it’s something to celebrate as so many people don’t stay married for that long now.”

As a surprise on the day, Richard’s friends were due to pick up him up on Lambretta scooters to get him to St Nicholas Church on time and in a break with tradition, Tina was going to arrive first so she could see his grand entrance.

Jewellery designer Tina explained the couple met at work aged 18 and were best friends, but it wasn’t until a friend said “why don’t you two just get together” that romance blossomed.

They were married on December 12 1987, the day before Richard’s birthday, at All Saint’s Church, in South Ockendon, which is where he is from.

The couple have two children, Evan, 18, and Isabelle, 12, who was a bridesmaid on the day along with Chloe Rakes, 12 and Holly Samerson, 12.

The girls wore classic cream and black shift dresses complete with sixties style swing fur jackets and Tina wore a black and silver shift dress. She also carried a bouquet made out of Lambretta buttons.

Holly’s older brother Zak Samerson, 14, was an usher and in another break with tradition the bridal party danced down the aisle to I Want You To Want Me by The Dualers to mark Tina’s entrance.

After the ceremony the bridal party and guests headed to Jones’ Cafe, just down the road from the church, in Long Road, for a pie and mash dinner before heading to the Oyster Fleet pub for a celebratory drink.

Tina added: “We wanted to reaffirm it all and show people it’s still important to get married and it can last.

“We’re best friends and we talk about everything, we don’t have any secrets. We’ve had lots of ups and downs, but he’s such a diamond.

“You can get through anything if you are honest and supportive of each other.”