TWO of South Essex’s MPs said they should not have a recommended £6,000 salary increase.

The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority has recommended MPs salaries should go up to £74,000.

But South Basildon and East Thurrock MP Stephen Metcalfe said: “I do not think MPs’ pay should be going up while public sector pay is being constrained.

“We shouldnot see the cost of politics or Westminster going up. We should see it go down instead.”

Castle Point MP Rebecca Harris added: “I supported decisions on MPs pay being handed to the Independent Standards Authority, because it wasn’t right that MPs had a say over their own pay.

“But it’s incomprehensible they are consulting on a pay rise when most working people are not seeing real terms increases.”

The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority, which is overseen by chairman Sir Ian Kennedy, was set up in 2009 following the expenses scandal.

It will now consult with MPs over its recommendations.

While it has recommended a nine per cent wage increase, it wants to cut perks, such as meal allowances and taxis, and downgrade MPs’ pensions.

It also plans to end “golden goodbyes” forMPs who retire or are dismissed.

Basildon and Billericay MP John Baron said expenses should be cancelled and a proportion of this saving could be added to MPs salary instead, perhaps tailored to reflect travel distances to London.

He said: “I believe these proposals would represent a cost saving to the taxpayer, simplify expenses, and once and for all increase public confidence in the system.”

When pressed on whether he would take a rise, he said: “There is no point commenting on hypothetical situations until they are no longer hypothetical.

“A third party has made the recommendations, but people are still complaining.”

Rayleigh and Wickford MP Mark Francois said: “My instinct is there will be little public support for this suggestion – for reasons which I fully understand.

“I suspect, after the consultation, this proposal will either be watered down or abandoned.”

Rochford and Southend East MP James Duddridge was not available for comment.