TWO men accused of attempted murder in Spain are still waiting to hear their fate more than two years after they were first arrested.

Kyle Thain and James Harris, both from Southend, were arrested as they were checking in to fly home from Murcia Airport, on July 5, 2011.

The pair were accused of beating up and stabbing two men in a bar near their hotel the previous night.

However, both of them say they never went to the bar and it has been a case of mistaken identity.

Kyle, 26, and James, 31, were taken to separate prison cells, before being transferred to Fontcalent prison, Alicante, on July 8, where they were held for seven months before they were allowed back to the UK.

Kyle’s mum, Sharon Harris, said they were still on bail and had to go to the Spanish Embassy in London once a month to sign in.

She said: “We are just in limbo really. It’s horrible.

“It is just hanging over their heads. They are just getting on with things, it’s all they can do really.”

The friends paid £6,000 each for their bail conditions to be altered to allow them back to the UK. They didn’t have to surrender their passports, but have to keep in contact with the Spanish authorities.

Kyle, of Sandringham Road, and James, of Kings Road, touched down at Stansted Airport on February 29, 2012 and went straight back to work.

However, their ordeal is not over as they could stay on bail for up to another two years.

Sharon, 58, said there had been more heartache as she had to sell the three-bed, £255,000 family home in Brunswick Road, Southend, to raise cash for a legal fight and is now unable to look after her unwell father, Sydney Barnett, 87.

She said: “My dad has dementia and has had to go into a home. If we had the house he would have moved in with us.

“It is still affecting our lives."