A CANVEY nightspot which contained three bars has been shut down after concerns were raised by police that it put clubbers’ lives at risk.

CK Bar, in Eastern Esplanade, Canvey, had its licence suspended by Castle Point Council after Essex Police launched an investigation.

Officers and were concerned about a “lock-in” promotion it ran, where the shutters were pulled down after 10pm and revellers paid £20 then drank all night.

Police also believed the venue illegally used electricity.

The police called for a licensing review and requested the licence holder step down.

Police claim the drinks promotion caused a serious risk to public safety in the event of fire, as the main entrances and exits were closed. Now the council has revoked the licence after the licence holder voluntarily stepped down.

A council spokeswoman said: “The police called for a review of all three bars as it was believed the venue used electricity without consent of the energy supplier, therefore committing an offence, and also held an irresponsible drinks promotion.

“The police have withdrawn their review as they requested that the designated premises supervisor be removed.

“He has voluntary removed himself and our head of licensing and transportation has suspended all three licences for the premises.

“If an application is received for a new premises supervisor, and the police have no objection, the premises will be able to open again.”