CONTROVERSIAL plans to build 100 homes on a Canvey building site could be scuppered as councillors are being urged to revoke planning permission for the development.

Canvey Wharf’s proposals to build 83 flats and 16 homes on Canvey Supply in Point Road were granted outline planning permission by Castle Point Council in October 2012 despite hundreds of objections from worried residents.

To seal the deal, the council asked the company to pay more than £427,668 for colleges and sixth forms, sports and installing CCTV cameras.

However, 18 months later an agreement still has not been reached and councillors are being asked to take away planning permission at a meeting next week. In a council report, officers claim planning agents from Canvey Wharf said the development could run into the red.

The document says: “Officers were advised the applicants had concerns regarding the viability of the scheme, particularly with the extent and nature of the planning obligations being requested.

“The most recent meeting with the planning agent took place on February 6, when a schedule was produced purporting to show the development had a negative value. However no further information has been received since that meeting.

“It is not good practice to allow unfulfilled resolutions to remain unexamined over an extended period of time. In this case, the applicant has had a period of 18 months to make progress and complete the required planning obligation.

“A further period of time could be considered acceptable if agreement was close to being reached, but that does not appear to be the case.”

The recommendation has raised questions over the future of the council’s local plan as the site had been earmarked for 160 homes.

John Payne, Canvey Independent councillor for Canvey East ward, said roads would not be able to cope with the extra homes He said: “There are several roads that are unadopted down there and they’re very narrow, so adding an extra 100 homes would place an even greater strain on an already weakened infrastructure.

“Residents were mostly concerned about the size of the development and the impact on the roads, but I think if it is thrown out they will be very relieved.”

The plans will be discussed at a development control meeting at the council offices in Kiln Road, Thundersley on Tuesday.