COUNCILLORS in Castle Point will fight against the county council’s plan to withdraw funding for lollipop men and women in Essex.

Essex County Council’s proposed cuts puts the future of 55 school crossing patrols across Essex at risk.

However, many borough councillors feel this will threaten the safety of children as they travel to school and are opposed to the move.

Tom Skipp, Conservative councillor for Appleton ward, put forward the motion.

He said: “I feel very strongly the county council should not be seeking to make any reduction in services which could result in the increase in risk to our children’s safety.”

Mr Skipp proposed to send a response urging the county council to stop the cuts and received full support from the chamber.

He added: “I am hoping they change their minds.

“I understand that councils all over the country are suffering with finances and cuts have to be made, but this is an essential service which needs to be retained.

“I urge all members of the public to take part in the consultation.”

Leader of the council, Pam Challis, who is also a governor for Robert Drake Primary School, in Church Road, Thundersley, said the response will be sent to the county council within the next few days.

She said: “I feel very strongly about school crossing patrols being removed from the borough.

“We have the interests of all schoolchildren very much at heart.

“It is a very emotive subject when the safety of children is considered.

“The safety of children in our borough is of paramount importance.”

She added that she would also like to see 20 mile per hour speed limits introduced outside of schools in the future.

The county council is set to discuss the proposals with schools over the course of the summer.