TEMPORARY toilets are to be installed at a popular Hadleigh park.

Castle Point Council agreed to build the loos in John H Burrows recreation ground.

The toilets, which will come with facilities for men, women and the disabled, will cost about £23,000.

It will also cost the council £6,000 a year to maintain the facilities, but it is not known how long the toilets will be needed for.

Colin Riley, Conservative councillor for Victoria Ward, said: “They will definitely be there for the summer.

“They will be fully-equipped and will be placed in a safeguarded position.

“They will be there for as long as they are needed.”

Some councillors believe the temporary facilities will have to stay until the council decides to refurbish Hadleigh Hall, which will then bring in better facilities for the public.

A controversial plan for a pub in the park was shelved after residents protested.

Cliff Brunt, Conservative councillor for Victoria Ward, said: “It depends on how quickly the council can agree what it is going to do with the hall.

“Brewers Greene King have said they will put a in Hungry Horse, which would have come with the facilities, but due to concerns this isn’t going ahead.

“But if someone can come in and do some sort of function room or a cafe, then this would come with the right facilities, and the toilets will go, but until then they will stay.”

Residents have welcomed the news of the temporary facilities, saying the park was in desperate need of new toilets.

Alf Papworth, from Ashdown Crescent, and chairman of the Solby Estate and Hadleigh Residents’ Association, said: “We should have toilets in there. Most public parks have them, so we definitely need the facility in the park.”

The council has yet to decide where the toilets will be located and when building work will begin.