POLICE are celebrating their first successful move in the fight against boy racers in Canvey.

Officers pulled over a car in Roscommon Way, a notorious street-racing spot, after 9pm on Sunday, after reports of more than 40 cars tearing up and down the road and performing “donuts” by spinning the car in wide circles.

The driver was reported for driving with a provisional licence in a manner not allowed.

The passenger, who owned the car and who is in his early fifties, was reported for permitting the use of a vehicle without insurance, and not holding insurance for the Ford Mondeo.

Police also seized the car and the pair will be summonsed to court at a later date, where they will face charges before magistrates.

Officers said this was a “fantastic breakthrough” as they crack down on the racers, who are believed to drive their souped-up cars from across the county to the island.

In October last year, 50 drivers were fined a total of more than £12,200 after they took part in dangerous cruises around Lakeside shopping centre.

Sgt Mark McQuade, of Castle Point neighbourhood policing team, said the force was pushing for the Mondeo to be crushed and said this would serve as a warning to other boy racers using Canvey’s roads as a race track.

He said: “We’ve been there many times and have stopped hundreds of vehicles, but rarely do we catch someone doing something right in front of us.

“Local people have been hearing screeching and skidding from miles away for a year-and-a half due to youngsters using it as a race track.

“Residents wanting to know what we have been doing about this problem can rest assured we