POLICE are hunting two men who were spooked during a burglary.

A man discovered the two burglars in his elderly mother’s home in Central Wall Road, Canvey, on Monday.

The break in happened at 3.55pm.

Investigating Officer Pc Samantha Winter said: "The lady and her son were out to lunch and when they got home, the son heard glass smashing. He came face to face with the burglars who were in his mother’s conservatory. They made off along Central Wall Road, in the direction of Somnes Avenue, until they were out of sight.”

She added: "We carried out a search of the area with officers on the ground as well as the helicopter but they were not found.”

They damaged a patio door to make their way into the house through the conservatory, and smashed an internal glass door. After being disturbed, the raiders didn’t manage to steal anything from the house.

The victim’s son described the suspects as white men. The first was aged between 16 and 20, of slim build, around 5ft 6ins to 5ft 8ins tall with short hair. He was wearing jeans and a yellow short-sleeved top and was carrying a black scrunched up fabric bag with a handle.

The second was aged between 24 and 25, was between 5ft 8ins and 5ft 10ins tall, with short hair and was wearing dark coloured clothing.

Anyone with any information or anyone who may have seen the two men acting suspiciously before or after the break in is asked to contact Southend CID on 101 or contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.