A DEVOTED grandad is attempting to clinch a new world record by taking pictures of 240 people in an hour to make his grandson proud.

Ian Beardsall, 52, found his love for photography after undergoing a coronary bypass last year, and will now be trying for the first ever world Guinness record for most photographs taken in an hour.

Mr Beardsall, of Melcombe Road, Benfleet, will attempt his 60-minute challenge to snap 240 people on June 28.

Although Mr Beardsall has 22 grandchildren, he says he is specifically attempting to gain the world record for his 11-yearold grandson, Samuel.

He said: “I know the whole idea sounds a bit weird, but the whole reason I am doing it is for my grandson.

“His father, unfortunately, does not recognise him, and like my wife says, he has not really got anyone apart from my family.

“So it is something that is really for him. I just want my grandson to be proud.”

According to Mr Beardsall, no one has yet attempted such a world record and he is hoping to set a benchmark for future competitors.

To reach his goal he will have to take a photo of a person every 15 seconds.

He said: “I don’t know of anyone else who has attempted such a record. There isn’t much preparation you could do. But I’m hoping I can get the certificate.”

Mr Beardsall decided to devote more time to photography last year while he recovered from his coronary bypass.

He said: “I knew it happened for a reason and that is when I decided I wanted to live life for the now. Life has no guarantee, I could be dead tomorrow, so I just want to live life to the fullest.”

The event is set to take place during a fete at the Holy Family Catholic Primary School, in Kent’s Hill Road, Benfleet, on Saturday, June 28.

Mr Beardsall will be setting up a studio in a classroom where he will be taking pictures of volunteers who have signed up to his record attempt.