A FAMILY forced to live in a caravan after their bungalow was flooded last year is now being hounded by the council to pay council tax... on both properties!

Alan Evans, 47, his wife Toni, and their three children have been living in a caravan for the past month, while their threebedroom bungalow undergoes repairs after heavy rain last November.

So, in the meantime the family from Roggel Road, Canvey, have parked a caravan, on their own land. Yet they are now being asked to pay council tax on both their home, which is currently uninhabitable, and the caravan.

Mr Evans, 47, told how the family has received a council tax bill totalling more than £2,000 for both.

He said: “The situation is absolutely shocking and the council is admitting no responsibility whatsoever.

“It isn’t even about the money, that isn’t my major issue, it is the principle. Surrounding councils waived council tax fees to families in similar situations, you would think Castle Point Council would be as compassionate.”

The family lost the majority of their belongings through the flood, and has been forced to store the remainder of their things in 30 boxes.

Mrs Evans said: “Living in the bungalow after the flood was absolutely horrendous; we’ve now had to move out while work gets carried out.

“We’ve lost most of our furniture as it all got destroyed; all of these things need to be replaced.

And on top of that the council are expecting us to pay two whole lots of council tax?”

The family have also been in touch with their councillor, Barry Campagna, who believes the council need to have a heart.

He said: “It is one of the worst cases of its kind at the moment in Castle Point and needs to be dealt with.

“The fact that they are expected to pay council tax is unbelievable and the council should show more compassion.”

A council spokeswoman said they cannot provide a comment at the moment as the matter is under investigation.