CANVEY’S roads were in chaos on Wednesday after a lorry blocked a busy main route for six hours.

Traffic built up in Furtherwick Road, at about 11.30am, after the lorry got stuck on a zebra crossing while trying to turn a corner.

The truck became wedged between two bollards and a guard rail, blocking one lane of the one-way system at the junction with Foksville Road.

Shoppers said there were tailbacks until just before 6pm while the lorry prevented traffic flowing on the main routes across the island A police spokesman said: “We were called shortly before noon to Furtherwick Road after we got reports of a lorry with burst tyres.”

Craig Webster, 28, who works at the Haystack pub, in Furtherwick Road, said the incident had caused queues.

He added: “The lorry went over the rails on the zebra crossing and was stuck there from about half eleven.

“It has been blocking the road – it’s been complete gridlock.”

Janice Payne, a borough councillor for Canvey South, said she saw the lorry get wedged at the corner.

She added: “I was at the butchers when it happened.

“It tried to get round the corner, but it couldn’t, because the back got stuck.

“People were driving on to the crossing to get past.

“It looks like the tyres burst and that’s what the problem was.”

The lorry caused big problems for buses, which were unable to squeezer past.

Joe Mander, 17, of Gainsborough Avenue, Canvey, said: “The lorry blocked the entire right lane of the road.

“I also saw a bus had its hazard lights on because I don’t think it could get through.

“The traffic was really slow. I think they had put up bollards to stop other lorries trying to go through that way, but this one obviously didn’t realise.”

Wafim Akram, of Mystery Spice, in Furtherwick Road, added: “It’s a big lorry and it got stuck going round the corner.

“It sometimes happens here.”