A DAY centre has been transformed with the help of teenagers from The Prince’s Trust.

They took up their paintbrushes and gardening tools to give the Rainbow Day Centre at Carers Choices, in Thundersley, a makeover.

Over the past week, the group has also created a sensory garden at the centre, in Kiln Road, Thundersley.

Carers Choices’ Sarah Fogarty said: “It’s a very big day centre and it was painted in basic magnolias and light greys.

“But now that we are called the Rainbow Day Centre we wanted to inject some colour into the walls.

“With our clients, it’s important things can be sensory, so in the garden we are having an area of plants that can be touched, vegetables, and herbs for people to smell. The Prince’s Trust has been absolutely fantastic and really thoughtful about the clients we have here.”

The Carers Choices group works with adults aged between 18 and 46 who have a range of impairments, including learning difficulties, cerebral palsy, Down’s syndrome and autism.