A WHITE van driver slammed into a brand new car before driving off.

Ally Robertson, 22, was driving along Long Road, Canvey, doing the school run on Monday in her Ford Ka.

As she turned into Maple Way, she was stunned to see a white Transit van drive towards her – on the wrong side of the road.

She claims the driver of the van smashed into the right side of her Ford Ka and scraped her vehicle.

Miss Robertson, who lives on Canvey, said while her car is not badly damaged, she has been left frustrated by the incident.

She added: “It isn’t that bad, but there are scrapes. That isn’t really the issue, it’s just that he drove off.”

The driver, whoMiss Robertson described as a young white male, with ginger hair and aged in his twenties, at first got out of his van after the collision at about 8am. Miss Robertson said: “He asked if I had insurance. I just wanted to get his details, to be honest.

“The damage isn’t bad, but it will still cost to get it fixed.

“He then asked if we could park up on the side road before we swapped details. As I was about to get back into my car, he just got back into his van and sped off.

“I was really shocked by what happened. I have only had my car a week, so the situation is extremely annoying.”

Another resident reported that his vehicle was also hit by a white van on Saturday in the High Street and the driver drove off without stopping.