CALL off the search.

Rayleigh town crest pendant has been found by a 10-year-old schoolboy.

The pendant, part of the town council chairman’s chain of office, was lost last week on the way to an official engagement at Grove Wood Primary School on June 17.

It was believed the pendant, four inches in length, made of metal-backed enamel with the town’s crest on the front, was lost in transit after chairman, councillor Eddie Dray left an engagement at Sweyne Park School on Friday, June 13.

However Jack Harris, pupil at Grove Wood Primary, found the pendant on the ground at the junction of Grove Road and Dorothy Farm Road and returned it to the council.

Mr Dray said: “I am delighted that the pendant has been found.

“I would like to express my sincere thanks to Jack for finding it and returning it to the office.”

The pendant has been part of the Chain of Office for many years and was handed to the town council in 1996 when they took over from the Rayleigh Urban District Council.

It was insured and would have been replaced had it come to it, but fortunately it is now back with its rightful owner.