FOUR bombs were detonated after unexploded ordnance was found on a Shoebury beach.

Bomb disposal units were called after the find on Ministry of Defence land near Barge Pier.

Gunners Park, near the pier, was cordoned off until the detenation at about 7.20pm.

A spokesperson for Thames Coastguard said: “We put up a 30 meter cordon which did not affect traffic.

“When unexploded bombs are discovered it is detonated where it’s found.”

Although most of the land affected was owned by the MOD, a cordon was set up by the Coastguard office in Ness Road through Gunners Park to the housing development on the garrison site.

A cycle lane was also closed off.

Keith Holden, Southend Council’s emergency planning officer, said: “Due to unexploded ordnance being found on the MOD land near to Barge Pier, a temporary public safety cordon has been put in place by the coastguard and police.

“The cordon requires part of the cycle path to be temporarily closed whilst the ordnance is attended to by the explosive ordnance disposal team.

"I would like to advise the public to please observe the cordon whilst the work is being carried out.”