A TEACHER is pushing Castle Point Council to make urgent repairs to Canvey’s rundown public athletics track.

School-age and adult athletes are being forced to train elsewhere because the track, behind the council’s Waterside Leisure Centre, in Somnes Avenue, is in such a poor condition.

Winter Gardens Primary School teacher Janet Fenner says repeated requests by her to get the council to repair the track appear to have fallen on deaf ears.

Mrs Fenner, 43, from Benfleet, said: “We’re not asking for a new track.

“We’re only asking for this one to be maintained.

“There are weeds and small trees growing all around it and this could be dangerous for kids using it.”

A petition was started last year, calling for the track to be repaired and Olympic middledistance runner Jessica Judd among those adding their support, yet nothing was done.

Canvey’s own Olympian, decathlete Dean Macey, who used to train on the track, has offered his support to Mrs Fenner’s campaign.

She added: “It is just a shame.

It’s in ruins. Athletes have to look elsewhere to train and the island’s schools are unable to use the track for events.

“It’s seems the council just doesn’t want to invest any money in the track.

“It has removed the metal barriers which run across the track and spoken about health and safety, but it’s more about improving and maintaining it and that’s just not being done.”

Former athlete, Janie Michelle Dobson, 26, who started last year’s petition said: “I used to use that track as a child, but even ten years ago, it was an issue. It was never really taken care of. Nothing has really happened since the petition, but it does need to be fixed and it would be good to get the campaign going again.”

Mrs Dobson’s online petition is still live and can be signed by going to change.org/en-GB/petitions and searching for “waterside running track”.