A CHOIR from Hockley has raised more than £2,200 for charity after a summer concert.

The Hands 4 Voices Signing Choir began three years ago, and their concert, in which they sang along to a variety of popular songs, raised £2,235 for the Essex Deaf Children’s Society.

All of the choir’s 50 members are either partially or completely deaf and are lead by Carol Cook in signing along to music.

Sunday’s concert at the Freight House, in Rochford, catered for all ages, with music from Gary Barlow and Phil Collins as well as some older hits.

Ms Cook said: “We use sign language to the original track, to convey the meaning of the song.

“It gives deaf or partially deaf people a way of appreciating music through signing.

“There are some partially deaf people who can hear music but not the lyrics, so signing along allows them to understand the meaning of the song.”

The choir have now raised more than £10,000 in their three years.