A FUNERAL arranger turned matchmaker as she turned grieving pensioners into a newly-married couple.

Lynn Love stepped in to turn despair into happiness for Tom and Isabell Lennon after they both lost partners.

The couple from Wickford were brought together by Lynn, who met them seperately while working at Co-operative Funeralcare in the town.

Isabell lost her husband Bob in 2011, while Tom, lost his wife Alice a year ago, but both found love again thanks to Lynn.

Isabell, 70, said: “I have found my soulmate – he is the most kind and caring man and I have laughed constantly since we met.

“Our families are delighted for us both to have found such happiness in later life.”

Isabell and Tom, 76, had never previously met, but after Lynn kept in contact with both, she realised they were lonely and looking for companionship.

Lynn asked permission from Isabell to pass on her phone number to Tom and they first met in January.

The pair hit it off immediately and celebrated their love by marrying last month, with Lynn acting as a witness to the wedding.

Lynn still meets up with the couple for a cup of tea and a chat, with travel a popular talking point after Tom recently got his first passport.

He said: “Loneliness is a terrible thing.

“If it hadn’t been for Lynn I would never have met Isabell and realised that people like her existed.

“We’ve just come back from Spain, I was a bit chicken getting on the plane, but it was lovely.

She’s taking me to Scotland in a fewweeks.”

Lynn has relished her role of matchmaker and is just happy the pair have found each other.

She said: “After chatting with Isabell one day, it came to mind that the pair of them would be very well suited.

“I had the great honour of attending the wedding and being a witness.”