AYOUNG man is appealing for help after thieves stole his new motorbike.

Billy Day, 20, of Waterside Cottages, Canvey Road, Canvey, was shocked to see his red Aprilia RS 123 motorbike was missing from outside his home when he woke up for work on Thursday morning.

The thieves broke the padlock to steal the bike which Mr Day had only been using for a few weeks.

He said: “I literally woke up and went out ready to go to work and my bike was just not there.

“The chain had been left on the floor and the padlock has been taken. It’s an inconvenience. I now have to find an alternative method to get to work.”

Mr Day had spent £2,000 on the bike and is hoping someone would have heard the bike if it has been driven.

He said: “It’s a loud bike and makes a lot of noise. It is the type of bike that will make your head turn when driving past because of the noise. So I’m hoping someone around would recognise it.

“It was chained twice so they must have cut the lock which they decided to then take with them.”

Mr Day’s mum, Tracey has also been left very frustrated at the incident.

Mrs Day, 40, said: “It was attached to the wheelchair ramp at the front of the house and we just found the chain on the floor.

“We just want anybody around to look out for it. It makes a lot of noise and there is the possibility it has been re-sprayed.”

“He nowhas to get a lift to work so we really need to find it. We’re even offering a reward.”

Police are investigating the incident which happened on Thursday, July 16 and are appealing for witnesses to come forward.

Anyone with information, should call Essex Police on 101.