A MEETING to discuss flooding in Rochford district tonight has been cancelled – because of flooding.

The Forum for Surface Water Flooding Issues, set up by Rochford Council after the severe flooding last August, was due to meet in Rayleigh tonight.

The meeting, eagerly awaited by many flooding victims, has been cancelled because Environment Agency officials due to attend are too busy dealing with the aftermath of Sunday’s floods.

Anglian Water insists drains in Victoria Avenue, Rayleigh, where the home of Vincent and Janet Barringer was flooded for the second time in less than a year, were working properly at the weekend.

It says other items, such as the grilles over the drains, which are the responsibility of the county council, may have been at fault.

However, it did admitted the overall system, for which it is partly responsible, may have been unable to cope with such heavy rain.

A spokesman said: “We’re sorry very heavy rain caused flooding for Mr and Mrs Barringer again this weekend.

“We understand how devastating flooding is and we are working hard to do all we can for residents and businesses in areas affected by the extreme weather.

“The sewers in Victoria Avenue were working properly throughout. However, the reality is that no system, however large, could have coped with the amount of rain we saw this weekend falling in such a short period.”