A POSTWOMAN refused to allow the floods to stop the mail getting through – so she waded through the water to complete her rounds.

On seeing floodwater reach a foot deep in parts of Canvey, Tracey Coble, 41, of Shell Beach Road, left, decided she would still deliver.

Mrs Coble, a postie for 14 years, said: “I went round my sister’s and borrowed her flip-flops, then went out to do my job.

“My manager told me ‘if you can’t get down there, you can’t get down there’, but people deserve the service. I wasn’t doing it for Royal Mail’s sake. People have gone through enough stress. They don’t want to be even more isolated.

“For some of them, it was the second time it had happened. The Government needs to sort Canvey out.

“People are just by themselves. We’ve been helping neighbours, as they can’t do it themselves.”