THE boss of an electrical firm faces a financial inquiry into the collapse of his business.

Clint Grant, 30, from Gobians, Basildon, didn’t appear at Southend County Court for a public examination into the financial affairs of his Basildon-based company Homecontrols Electrical, which went into liquidation in November, owing cash to the tax man.

The court has ordered his attendance, after the Southend Official Receiver applied for him to answer questions about the affairs of the business in open court, due to his lack of cooperation with the inquiry.

District Judge Ronald Dudley said: “Last time we heard he had broken down in Manchester and I adjourned the case at your invitation.”

Lynn Kavanagh, representing the receiver, said: “We are in the same position and have had no contact or information about the company and have not been able to serve papers on him at the address we have. It could be adjourned again or a warrant issued for his address. He has acknowledged in writing a requirement to attend.”

But Mr Dudley was “reluctant” to issue an arrest warrant when documents had only been served on Mr Grant through the post, and gave him one more chance to turn up. He added: “The matter is sufficiently important, but he should be personally served. I will adjourn to the next available date.”

Mr Grant has not filed any accounts for Homecontrols Electrical since 2011, after setting it up in 2009.

Between August and October last year he set up 11 new companies under the banner of Homecontrols Industrial.

The Echo tried to contact Mr Grant at his home, but got no response.