CANVEY residents are understandably angry.

For months they have been told everything is being done to prevent flooding on the island.

But yet again they have been left knee-deep in water, with no answers to their questions and with very little information as to just what happened on Sunday.

People deserve as much information as possible.

For three days, they were led to believe the pumps on Canvey were off for 12 minutes after a lightning strike, despite their scepticism and repeated questions to the Environment Agency.

It has now emerged one of the pumping stations broke down for two hours during the flooding.

The Environment Agency said it made the information freely available by telling Canvey Island Town Council.

But posting the information on one small website does not make what went wrong clear to residents through every means possible, especially when questions by residents and the media are not being answered fully.

MP Rebecca Harris has asked for an investigation, and rightly so.

It is disappointing Canvey residents are not being told the full story without politicians or the Echo asking questions.

But at least answers are now forthcoming they can expect to get the truth they deserve.