WORK to repair a rundown pool on Canvey will not begin until October.

Castle Point Council plans to pull up the concrete base of the island’s new tidal pool and replace it with sand because of complaints the new surface makes it dangerous for bathers.

The concrete has become covered in algae and seaweed, leaving it slippery.

Neville Watson, ward councillor for Canvey Winter Gardens, said the work was “long overdue”.

He said: “Canvey Independent Party calls upon the council to complete the long overdue works to make the new tidal pool safe.

“The previous concreting of the pool bed has already been identified as unsafe and the council’s cabinet has already agreed the funds needed to rectify it.

“Why has nothing been done 18 months on?”

The tidal pool, one of two on Concord Beach, off Eastern Esplanade, underwent costly renovations in 2007.

Work involved replacing its original sandy base with concrete and cementing rocks around the perimeter wall.

However, visitors to the beach complained the changes made the pool more dangerous, after the base and walls became covered in seaweed which caused several people to slip over and hurt themselves.

Now, the council says it will begin the £28,000 work to put the pool back to its formers condition later this year.

Tom Skipp, councillor for the environment, agreed there had been an “unacceptable delay” in making repairs.

The work is expected to take about two weeks and will involve infilling the pool with what the council described as “graded natural material”.

Colin Letchford, chairman of Concord Beach, said: “I am pleased the council is taking some action on the concrete base of the pool. However, the real problem is the nature of the back wall.

“Most accidents are the result of slips on the wall. Only today I witnessed another child slip and fall. I hope the council will take further action to remedy this.”

Janice Payne, Canvey Island South councillor, said: “This should have been done years ago. But what is the next step to prevent accidents? Railings?

Where will this stop? It is such a lovely pool for families and children to enjoy. We need people to come down and use it.”

The pool will remain open for the summer before the work begins. Warning signs about the surface are already up.