EIGHT lucky winners of our Echo bingo competition have collected their cheques.

The competition, run in partnership with Mecca Bingo, in Southend, sawbingo cards deliveredwith the Echo and numbers announced in eachday’s paper.

There were a total of four games,with the winners intwoof thegameswinninga£500 jackpot all to themselves.

Sue Raymond, 54, of Paffingham Avenue, Billericay, bagged £500 in Game 2. She said: “I still can’t believe it but I have noideawhat tospendit on.Atthe minute, it’s just sitting in the bank.

“I’m not normally lucky, but the same week I got three numbers on the lottery and won £25, so if they say luck comes in threes, I’m just waiting for the next thing.”

DebbieBennett, of Stambridge Road,Rochford,was the sole winner of Game 3.

She said: “I feel so lucky to be the only winner that week, with so many other people taking part. I am very grateful to the Echo and Mecca Southend.”

The first game was split between four winners, each of whom got £125. Mavis Sage, 80, of Hawkwell Park Drive, Hockley, said: “We’re going to spend it on some paint to do up the kitchen.

We’ve wanted to do it for years and nowwe can.”

Fellow £125 Game 1 winner Pamela Hawkins, of Kings Park Creek Road, Canvey, saidshe still couldn’t believe she had won.

She said: “It’s a nice bonus, I had to keep checking to make sure it was real. I thought I’d made a mistake and circled the wrong number.”

Sue James, of Belchamps Way, Hockley,andMoiraCainof Ceder Road, Canvey, also won £125 in Game 1.

The final game’s £500 pot was shared between Janice Shields, of Mynchen, Basildon, and Mrs Stoneman from Southend.

Peter Houston, operations manager at Mecca Bingo Southend, said: “It was nice to be able to meet all the winners and to hear what plans they have for their winnings.”