EVERY day in Essex a victim of domestic violence is being kept safe due to new legislation.

In the past eight weeks the force has used domestic violence prevention orders 54 times.

The orders are designed to keep an alleged perpetrator away from a victim following an incident when there is not enough evidence to charge with an offence.

It gives the victims time to think and two to four weeks away from an allegedly violent partner to decide what to do.

The orders give some protection in cases where otherwise the likely outcome is no further action being taken.

The orders have to be agreed by a senior officer and then approved by a magistrate within 48 hours.

All 54 have been approved.

Adam Hunt, head of legal services at Essex Police, said: “We have set up a new legal team to handle all of these cases and it is testament to their expertise and knowledge every single application we have taken to court has been approved.

“"We will continue to put together the best possible case in support of our officers who are making use of this new legislation to protect vulnerable women and men.”

Det Insp Nick Burston, from the Essex Police protection unit, said: “A DVPO can bridge the gap in providing immediate emergency protection to a victim where there is a risk of violence.

"If someone breaches a notice they can be subject to immediate arrest and can then be remanded in custody to appear before a court for a full order to be considered.

"A breach of an order can lead to a maximum fine of £5,000 or a two month prison sentence.”

Three people have been fined and one sent to prison out of the 54 given DVPOs in Essex.