A TALENTED graffiti artist has transformed part of a children’s hospice with a stunning jungle scene.

Scott Irving, from Westcliff, has been putting the finishing touches to the mural on walls surrounding Little Havens hospice’s soft play area, using just spray cans.

The Thundersley hospice, where Scott’s sister, Angela, is a nurse, approached him to produce something for its teenagers’ room when the idea came about for a more interesting scene around the soft play area.

Scott said: “Theywanted some sort of jungle scene and I thought it sounded like a lovely idea.

“Because of the curved shape of the building, the idea came to create a panoramic scene so you could literally step into a jungle and I wanted to create a whole new environment for the children to play in.”

The area is now filled with bright colours to bring the jungle to life, including a rainbow, tiger, a frog and butterflies, with Scott spending two-and-a-half days perfecting his spray-painted masterpiece.

Scott said: “I started spray painting when I was 12 and back then it was a totally different experience.

“It wasn’t seen as an art form and people associated it with being a thug and just saw it as graffiti.

“I think people look and think it must be easy, but it’s not. It is a skill.

Now an established artist with his own company, Scott plans to return to Little Havens in September to transform the walls of the teenagers’ room.

Scott’s sister Angela said: “Scott donated not only his time but his resources and has created something beautiful the children we care for now, and in years to come, can enjoy.”