A TEENAGER battling a rare form of cancer was the guest of honour at the opening of a new pizza takeaway.

Jodie Brittney, 13, from Hadleigh, has childhood acute lymphoblastic leukaemia and was invited to open the new shop by the Rays of Sunshine charity, which grants wishes to youngsters fighting illness.

Staff at Domino’s Pizza, in Pitsea, kept the surprise from Jodie, who thought she was one of many guests on the day.

As well as cutting the ribbon, Jodie, her brother Lee, 11, and mum Lindsey, 40, also learnt to make pizza.

Jodie said: “I was really excited. I wanted to put everything I like on my pizza.”

Jodie was diagnosed with the bone marrow cancer in 2012 and has had to have chemotherapy for two-and-ahalf years, during which time she lost her hair.

Lindsey said: “It’s been a really rough time – a big shock.

“You could say it’s been like a rollercoaster, but Jodie is the one who has kept us going, all through it.”

Domino’s regional manager, Ian Hetherington, was present for Jodie’s special day to teach the family how to make pizza.

Jodie and Lee also learnt how to cut the pizza before eating it.

Lindsey said: “We thought at first other children would be here, that it wasn’t just for Jodie, but it’s nice of them to think of her.”

Jodie’s last chemotherapy session finished on May 1 and since then she has taken part in Race for Life.

Domino’s Pizza supports the Rays of Sunshine charity.

As part of the charity, children make three wishes and one is granted.

Jodie has wished to cook with Jamie Oliver, go to Disneyland and to meet Miranda Hart.

Jodie’s wish to meet Miranda Hart is to be granted soon when she will attend a meet and greet later this year.

She added: “I really can’t wait.”