THIEVES have stolen a moped for the second time in three months.

Bonnie Williams, 22, of Hartington Road, Southend, had her moped stolen from Newington Avenue, Southend, in April.

The thieves set it on fire and dumped it in Trinity Park. Miss Williams paid £290 to get it fixed.

The moped was stolen again, on Tuesday, between 9pm and 10pm, from North Road.

Miss Williams, a support worker for My Home Care, caring for adults with learning disabilities, used the moped to visit clients.

She said: “It’s a nightmare.

I can’t get to work and I have had to take unpaid sick leave, so I haven’t got any money coming in.

“The first time it was stolen from outside my mum’s house it had a D-Lock on it, then the second time I was at a friend’s and it had a chain round the front wheel, I didn’t hear anything either time.

“The police have told me if they find it I have to pay £150 to get it back.”

If it is not found, Miss Williams’s insurance policy excess is £450.

She said: “I feel a bit like someone must be watching me because it has happened in two different locations.

“I don’t know what will happen to my job without it.”

Anyone with information can call Southend police on 101.