LIFE savers were called to rescue a woman who broke her ankle on the beach during a busy day of call outs.

The 19-year-old woman had to be evacuated from East Beach in Shoebury by the paddling pool during one of three shouts yesterday.

Southend Coastguard and Southend RNLI’s inshore lifeboat team rushed to the woman to administer pain relief just before 5.10pm. She was moved onto a scoop board to be ferried the short distance to the slipway to be met by the paramedics and ambulance.

Earlier Southend RNLI’s hovercraft and Canvey Coastguard were called to rescue a child stuck on the mud on the rising tide at Canvey, just after 1.30pm.

South Woodham Coastguard was also paged for backup. When they arrived the Canvey team found the child was safely ashore and units stood down.

A 22ft sailing yacht became stranded just off Canvey just after 9pm.

Southend and Canvey coastguards travelled to the boat, which had two people on board, to find the engine had stopped working. Gravesend RNLI towed the casualty to a mooring off Gravesend Sailing Club and transferred the occupants to the shore.