TWO weeks after the flooding, Essex Highways says there is no time set for clearing blocked drains.

As reported in Friday’s Echo, drains in Holbeck Road, Canvey, have remained blocked since four inches of water fell in 90 minutes on Canvey on July 20.

A spokesman said: “The gullies and chambers in Holbek Road were cleaned on July 30. The gullies are marked with yellow spray, dotted indicating that they had been cleaned, and a yellow cross meaning there is a blockage.

There are seven blocked pipes that connects the gully to the main line in Holbek Road that will require follow-up work.

“We have no timeframe for this at the moment. There are also two blocked inspection chambers within the main line.

“Essex Highways is responsible for the cleaning of gullies. Anglian Water is responsible for the mainline and the inspection chambers along it.”