From old beach towels to garden furniture and tired sheds, all sorts of unusual items can be recycled.

Rochford District Council has released some top tips to help you recycle as much summer paraphernalia as possible:

• Pool and Beach Toys

Some pool toys such as buckets and spades are made out of rigid plastics that are not accepted at the recycling centres or in your kerbside recycling collection. If you’re no longer using them, give them away on Freecycle or ask local playgroups if they can make use of them. Plastic paddling pools are non-recyclable but they could be reused to cover bikes with later in the year.

• Beachwear and towels

Old swimsuits, flip-flops, sandals and towels can all be recycled in textile banks and at the recycling centre (please tie shoes together first). Items in good condition can be sold as second-hand or given to charity.

• Spray cans and sun lotion bottles

Empty metal bug spray cans, sun lotion bottles and miniature hand luggage size bottles can all be recycled in your kerbside collection.

• Batteries

Many of the devices we bring on holidays or camping run on batteries so make sure to hold onto used batteries from speakers, shavers, torches, etc. and recycle them at your local library, school or Council reception area. Use rechargeable batteries wherever possible. Even better look out for solar battery chargers.

• Barbeques

Metal barbeque frames can be recycled in the metal container at the recycling centre. Cold barbecue ash should be disposed of in your non-recyclables bin. Wood ash can be home composted, to buy a reduced priced compost bin visit • Sheds, timber fencing and wooden chairs If items are in good condition try advertising them for free, otherwise wood is accepted at Castle Road Recycling Centre, Rayleigh.

Please remember to leave your flip flops at home and wear sensible shoes when visiting the Recycling Centre.

For more information on the Essex County Council Recycling Centres visit For more tips or further information about your local recycling scheme please visit