A COMMUNITY group has been given £300 to pay foramural commemorating floods on Canvey.

Friends of Concord Beach were given the cash by the Jotman’s Lane Cemetery Flood Plaque Appeal.

58 islanders lost their lives during the great flood of 1953. After the tragedy, 23 of those who died were buried at Jotman’s Cemetery in Jotman’s Lane, Benfleet.

After extensive research to find out exactlywhere the people were buried, the Canvey Community Archive unveiled a £1,500 memorial plaque to mark the spot.

The Canvey Community Archive had £300 left from donations from the public and victims’ families and decided to award the money to the mural project which documents the history of the sea wall and the flood.

Colin Letchford, Chairman of Friends of Concord Beach, said: “The money is all part of the funds that we needed for the mural.

“Although we got £10,000 from the National Lottery Fund, it was nearer to £12,000 we needed, so this money has gone to that fund.

“I would like to say a big thank you for the donation, it’s much appreciated and it is a big help.”